Hello! So you're interested in being a part of the curated line up of traders for The Cornwall Shop Small Market. That's wonderful! Before you apply please read this so you can find out more about trading with us, the event concept and format, what we're looking for, the stand options & prices and some other need to know info.

The Cornwall Shop Small Market Concept:

BIG love for shopping small in Truro (and online for those who can't make it IRL) on the third Saturday of the month from March to November and some added seasonal special Market events. With over 60 traders of Contemporary Craft & Design, Home & Lifestyle Wares, Vintage & Salvage Finds along with Local Food & Drink from the award winning Truro Farmers Market it's a destination event!

What We Look For:

  • We look for traders who are indie small biz superstars; you can have your own retail space and be stocked by other retailers but we don't accept franchise or multi outlet businesses. 

  • We focus on businesses that are based in Cornwall but businesses from further afield can apply. If two applications are similar then priority will be given to a Cornwall based applicant. However primarily we will allocate a stand on the basis of the merit of the application in general. 

  • We're interested in Craft & Design, Vintage & Salvage, Home & Garden and Fashion & Lifestyle traders.

  • Food & Drink based businesses are welcome to apply but please note that we might not be able to welcome you if you directly compete with a current Truro Farmers Market trader. This is because we work with TFM on our line up to ensure fair and successful trading for all traders across both markets.

  • We look for traders who create or curate quality & unique items. We like products that are skillfully self produced where relevant and love products and practises that have sustainability at their core.

  • We consider product, merchandising, stand display, branding and marketing when reviewing applications.

  • We always strive for an amazing visitor and trader experience and that means the whole package counts!

The space does mean that we won't be able to welcome everyone who applies along. If we can't offer you a place don't be offended, it's not a reflection on what you do, just more of a case of us not being the best fit for each other. Some categories are particularly competitive. Don't let that put you off applying, we would love to hear from you.

We have two application routes, one for traders who have previously traded at The Cornwall Shop Small Market which is a shorter online form as we already hold lots of the relevant information for them and another more detailed form for new traders to ensure we get all the relevant information we need. Lots of our previous traders return to trade with us event after event and while we look to reward loyalty we also do our best to welcome new traders to each and every event.

The Market Format:

The Cornwall Shop Small Market is a real life event with an added virtual element. The IRL Market takes place on Truro Lemon Quay in the heart of Cornwall's only city. It is a tented gazebo Market that runs alongside Truro Farmers Market. The virtual element includes an online showcase hosted on our website and supporting social media content.


Market Dates & Times:

The IRL Market takes place every month on the third Saturday of the month from March to November with some special seasonal extended events from time to time. Usual trading hours are from 9am - 4pm. The virtual element of the event will usually launch the day before the IRL Market day.

What We Offer:

All of our Stand Options include:

  • Provision of the selected stand space in a pre set up gazebo

  • Optional table (180  x 60cm)

  • On site overnight security for events running for more than 1 day, we recommend that you remove valuable or delicate items and our liability is withheld

  • Access to a personal or payment device charge point behind our information stand

  • Festoon lighting around your gazebo stand at Market events that run after dusk

  • Access to on stand electricity is NOT included. If access to on stand electricty is preferred or essential let us know on your application form, there are a limited number of stands with elec access so please bear in mind that stating access is essential might effect the success of your application. Electricity access is £5 and is not for high load items but is only suitable for ambient lighting and personal / payment device charging.

  • Inclusion in the virtual elements of the event both on our website and on social media.

  • A warm welcome and supportive environment!

Stand Options and Prices:

Stand Options for all Traders:

Standard - this is an area back to back with another trader in a 3 x 3 metre gazebo - your trading area will have a 3 metre frontage and be 1.5 metres deep.

Large - this is an area back to back with another trader in a 4.5 x 3 metre gazebo - your trading area will have a 4.5 metre frontage and be 1.5 metres deep.

Additional Stand Option for Vintage & Salvage Traders only:

Standard Full - this is a full 3 x 3 metre gazebo area - your trading area will have a 3 metre frontage (sometimes double fronted total 6 metre frontage pending on floor planning) and be 3 metres deep.

Large Full - this is a full 4.5 x 3 metre gazebo area - your trading area will have a 4.5 metre frontage (sometimes double fronted total 9 metre frontage pending on floor planning) and be 3 metres deep.

Please note that all stand set ups must be within the confines of your stand space and that you must layout your stand to allow access for you / any stand help from the front. Joint applications for a stand space are accepted and should be made together by a single application form.

Stand Pricing for 2022:

1 day / 2 day / 3 day / 4 day events:

Standard: £52 / £84 / £116 / £148

Large: £74 / £118 / £162 / £206

Standard Full: £66 / £106 / £146 / £186

Large Full: £94 / £150 / £206 / £262

We really want to keep our stand prices as accessible as possible and we want to be as transparent as possible about our charges. Our charges are based on a combined charge per m2 and charge per metre frontage. Our stand prices have increased slightly from 2021 but our costs have seen a greater increase. A large proportion of your stand charge goes to cover event costs. The supply of the gazebos is kindly sponsored by Truro BID and without their support the IRL Markets would not be possible at these rates. For events that run for more than 1 day the stand price per day reduces to about 60% of the 1 day charge in line with our reduction in costs for subsequent days. 


We don't want anyone to be put off applying because of concerns about stand fees. Successful applicants will be sent a stand payment request with a deadline and your stand is only confirmed on recipt of your stand payment. However, if you receive a stand offer and have concerns about paying your stand fee you can get in touch with us and we will help you work out a payment plan.

Application Process:

Applications will open and close on set dates for specific events. All of our events have an application process as sometimes we have over 5 times the number of applications to trader spaces, this means we can't welcome every trader along. If you are unsuccessful in an application it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you (or with us), it might just mean we're not right for each other.

We endevour to contact all applicants within 1 week of application closing to let them know the status of their application.

Successful applicants will be emailed a stand offer and given 1 week from stand offer to confirm their stand. To confirm a stand you will need to make payment for your stand, agree to the full trader terms, fill out a short online form to make sure we have all your up to date information and supply any relevant images.

Set Up:

Full set up info will be supplied to successful traders.For the IRL Market set up will be possible on the morning of Market day from 6.45am. Please note that you must arrive by 8.30am for stand set up ready for trading by 9am. All vehicles must be moved to local parking by 8.45am on Market day. There is good vehicle access and a level unload to all stands.

Please note that all traders will be required to have public liability insurance (1m+) covering their trading activity and anyone working on their stand or set up.

Trader Cancellation:

If you have confirmed for your stand but can no longer attend the event please let us know asap.

  • If cancellation occurs before payment deadline nothing is payable. 

  • If cancellation occurs after the payment deadline and it is at least 1 week before the IRL event and you have paid for your stand we will do our best to roll your stand payment onto a future mutually agreeable event (as available), there will be a £10 admin fee for this taken from your stand payment credit.

  • If cancellation occurs after the payment deadline and it is at least 1 week before the IRL event and you haven't paid for your stand you will be asked to pay a £10 admin fee that will be payable at the time of cancellation and future stand bookings  won't be accepted until payment is made.

  • If cancellation occurs within 1 week of the IRL event payment you may be liable for full stand payment however circumstances will be considered.

  • If there is a trader 'no show' you are liable for your full stand payment however circumstances will be considered.

Market Cancellation:

The IRL Market takes place in (supplied and pre erected) heavy duty gazebos that are safe to upto 45 mph. However we appreciate that your wares might be unsuitable for trading in significant winds or rain. With this in mind if winds over 30mph or wind over 25mph with rain (not including light showers) are forecast we will look to cancel the IRL Market. We will make a decision, alongside Truro Farmers Market, Truro BID and Truro Council and inform traders on any weather related cancellations as early as possible (bearing in mind the changeability of the local forecast) and by 5.30pm the day before the Market at the latest. In the unlikely event that we need to cancel a Market for any other reason beyond our control we will aim to inform traders as soon as possible. Cancellation information will be shared with relevant traders via email in the first instance. In the event of a Market cancellation we will offer all traders a stand at a future mutually agreeable event at no charge. The Online element of the Market will still take place and a portion of the stand payment of £10 will still be relevant so the balance will be moved to a future IRL Market booking.

Many thanks for your interest. If you have any questions after reading this please email

Applications are curently closed. If you would like to be notified on application open dates you can sign up for TRADER NEWS HERE.