Please note that this application form is for new traders at the Cornwall Shop Small Market. If you have already traded with us at the Cornwall Shop Small Market in 2021 please head here to apply.


Hello! So you're interested in being a part of the curated line up for The Big Festive Cornwall Shop Small Market. That's wonderful! Our festive special is a two day event taking place in Truro on Lemon Quay alongside the award winning Truro Farmers Market who are also open for the two day special.

Friday the 19th of November open 9am - 9pm (for late night shopping) & Saturday 20th November open 9am - 4pm.

The 19th is Festive Friday in Truro as it's the lights switch on and parade, there will also be festive entertainment across the city across the day. The Saturday the 20th is traditional Market day and there will be festive entertainment at the Market.

Additionally the market will be supported by an online showcase of all traders hosted at across the market weekend. We will also be featuring all successful traders as part of a series of carousel posts on our Instagram the weeks following the Market.




Who are we looking for? 

  • The curated line up will feature a hand picked selection of small businesses, indie makers, designers, curators, producers and creators. To qualify for the market you must be a small independent business! It's all about big love for shopping small!

  • The market line up will feature Craft & Design, Vintage & Salvage, Home & Garden and Fashion & Lifestyle traders, something for everyone!

  • Food & Drink based businesses are welcome to apply but please note that we might not be able to welcome you if you directly compete with a current Truro Farmers Market trader. This is because we work with TFM on our line up to ensure fair and successful trading for all traders across both markets. It is also possible that you also might be offered a space within their side of the market if they have space for this event and we don't.

  • We will be focusing on businesses that are based in Cornwall but businesses from further afield can apply. If two applications are similar then priority will be given to a Cornwall based applicant. However primarily we will allocate a stand on the basis of the merit of the application in terms of how it fits with the concept.

  • We consider product, merchandising, stand display, branding and marketing when reviewing applications. We always strive for an amazing visitor and trader experience and that means the whole package counts!

  • The space does mean that we won't be able to welcome everyone who applies along. If we can't offer you a place don't be offended, it's not a reflection on what you do, just more of a case of us not being the best fit for each other. Some categories are particularly competitive. Don't let that put you off applying, we would love to hear from you.

  • Please note that all traders will be required to have public liability insurance (1m+) covering their trading activity.

What are you applying for?

  • Applications are currently open for The Big Festive Cornwall Shop Small Market.

  • By making an application for an event you are applying for both the Friday (9am - 9pm) and Saturday (9am - 4pm) real life market. If you want to apply for 1 day only please make a note in the application message field, priority will be given to 2 day applications but it might be possible to trade for a single day.

  • Set up will be pre 9am on the Friday with good vehicle access and a level unload to your stand. 

  • Truro BID have sponsored the event and are providing us with the gazebos that will form the covered stands market with. They are modern and heavy duty structures (up to 45 mph winds).

  • There is still the possibility that we might have access to an adjoining / nearby indoor area for a limited number of stands, if you would like to be considered for one of these spaces if they become available please mark the relevant application box. Please note that this is still tbc and might not be possible.

  • There will be onsite security on the Friday night after the Market closes - while we recommend that you remove particularly valuable or delicate items from your stand overnight it does mean that you can leave much of your set up in situ overnight.

  • The late night Market on Friday will be lit with festive festoon lighting around the gazebos and area.

  • For this Market there are 4 stand options, we recommend applying for all types of stand that you would be happy with to give you the best chance of a successful application:

  • Standard - this is an area back to back with another trader in a 3 x 3 metre gazebo - your trading area will have a 3 metre frontage and be 1.5 metres deep.

  • Large - this is an area back to back with another trader in a 4.5 x 3 metre gazebo - your trading area will have a 4.5 metre frontage and be 1.5 metres deep.

  • Standard Full - this is a full 3 x 3 metre gazebo area - your trading area will have a 3 metre frontage and be 3 metres deep.

  • Large Full - this is a full 4.5 x 3 metre gazebo area - your trading area will have a 3 metre frontage and be 3 metres deep.

  • Full details of the market will be sent to successful applicants.

What does it cost?

Stands for the two days and associated online / social activity are £68 (standard), £86 (large), £116 (standard full) or £152 (large full). We have only added on a £20 charge to our standard 1 day market prices to help towards some of the additional costs the two day event will incur (venue hire, overnight security, festoon lighting hire, entertainment costs). We really want to keep our stand prices as accessible as possible. Remember you can always make a joint application with a fellow trader if you would like to share a space and stand fee. The stand charge includes the real life market, provision of the set up gazebo, optional table, on site overnight security on the Friday night, festoon lighting for the evening Market AND inclusion in the virtual showcase. Please note that these stand prices do not include electricity however you will have access to a charge point behind our welcome stand for payment devices only. If direct stand access to electricity is essential please let us know on your application, there is a further charge of £5 for this.