Hello! So you're interested in being a part of the curated line up for the Virtually There Fair. This is set to be the main focus of this event.


The date of our next Virtually There Fair is TBC but it will take place on our Instagram @duchyfairs #virtuallytherefair. With Craft & Design, Food & Drink, Vintage & Salvage and Home & Garden it's not to be missed. While we can't all get together right now we're committed to creating an amazing virtual event and our curated line up of traders will be the key focus of this event.


Who are we looking for? 

  • The curated line up will feature a hand picked selection of indie makers, designers, producers and creators.

  • We're looking for about 30 traders to complete our curated line up.

  • The fair line up will feature Craft & Design, Food & Drink, Vintage & Salvage and Home & Garden traders.


What will you need to do?

Successful applicants will be sent full details and guidance on what they need to supply.​ It's key to note that to take part you need to be on Instagram!

  • The requested content will need to be supplied by you, the trader, by the Monday before the event.

  • A short portrait / vertical hello video (ideally no more than 30 seconds, max 40 seconds) of you. This should clearly include your name, your business name, what you do, if you're running a fair promo and your Instagram handle. Make sure the background reflects your brand and having product in shot is a great idea.

  • A few photos that promote your range / brand - it could be a full product display / flatlay / grouping - these are images that will be used to get people to stop at your grid album and scroll through so beautiful images are a must. These images will be used for your grid album cover.

  • A series of close up shots of your product range / individual products - these photos should make it visually clear what the product is and the price or price range. You will have up to 9 square images in your grid album and these can be individual images or a montage of a few images making up 1 square.

  • A trader photo - a photo of you that reflects your brand.

  • A business logo.

  • Some information for us to help complete the templated album blurb including, a short written blurb (max 80 words) about your business / products, if you are running a promotion for the fair and what it is, any key purchase terms, how you prefer people to buy (in addition to the option to comment and tag you on the album) and if you are hosting additional content on your own Instagram profile across the fair and what it is, e.g. more grid product photos, story showcase products, live 'stand' at certain time.

  • All traders will be expected to help to promote the event on their Instagram grid and stories! We will supply promo elements.

How will visitors find you?

Each trader will say 'hello' and introduce themselves in our Fair Intro that will be 'as live' at fair open and will explain how the event will work. This video will be posted to IGTV with a grid preview after the fair intro for visitors to 'browse'. Each trader will also have a dedicated album featured on our instagram grid on the fair day. This will feature up to 10 visuals from what you supply and will be edited and formatted by us. Your album will be accompanied by a written intro from us and your 100 word intro.


What will it cost you?

There is a completely voluntary trader contribution to be a part of the curated line up. This is entirely discretionary. We know that times are tough right now and if you are not able to afford this donation then please don't make it, your ability to pay or not is most definitely not a part of the application process. However if you can afford to make a voluntary contribution we would really appreciate it as it will help manage our costs. Our suggested contribution is £5+. We pay for our website and domain, marketing mail manager, forms and database hosting and pre scheduled 'as live' streaming service as ongoing costs whether we are hosting 'real' events or not and your contribution will help us to continue!

We love to stay in touch and we can't wait to share our exciting visitor fair & market news with you! We will only ever share relevant information about our fairs with you and your data will not be shared. You can unsubscribe from this email list at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.

While 2020 hasn't been the year we planned we have hosted 3 wonderful virtual events. Along with more virtual happenings we will be back with some real life markets and fairs in 2021. While we're planning you can take a look at our previous events for some inspiration about what's in store.

Hello! So you're interested in trading with us? That's wonderful, you'll be joining a welcoming and supportive community of indie traders. Please head here to find out what we look for in our traders and then, if you think we're right for each other, fill out the form to be notified of event news and application dates.

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